Friday, 22 February 2008


I had promised my children days out during half term, and the cold had deprived them of two days, so yesterday I took them to the Science Museum in London. Brilliant place BUT full of little people, and I have difficulties with crowds at the best of times, so a mass of screamimg highpitched darlings are not really my idea of fun. It was interesting to see how the mood/atmosphere affected my 10 year old. He was rather hyper than usual(!) which was a bit frustrating. Anyway we had a good look round, were unable to get into the newly revamped Launchpad - reason for taking them there - due to long queues - Even us Brits get cross at queuing! - saw lots of stuff that interested the kids and an enjoyable lunch at the Deep Blue cafe. It was 1.45pm and we had been there quite a few hours and I was beginning to feel on edge when I suggested at trip across the road to the Victoria & Albert Museum - V&A - It was tranquil, full of beautiful objects - mosaics for Daughters art project and a room full of William Morris who Son had recently studied at school. Everyone became calmer and enjoyed all the fascinating displays. I was able to find lots of inspiration of C&G coursework and we headed home at 5pm much richer for crossing the road!

Today we are off to Brighton - DH has been able to have today off so will post photos of Thursday's trip and a Seaside themed post later.

Cold much better today and some seaside air should see the end of it.

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kay susan said...

I've really enjoyed following your journey so far!