Thursday, 7 February 2008

Opus Exhibition at The Mall Galleries

I have just returned from a fascinating day, in"Town", viewing the Opus Exhibition. I met up with Jane, a fellow Distant Stitcher, and I hope I speak for both of us when I say that I had an inspiring morning. The pieces on show have recharged my artistic batteries and I feel as though I have had a bolt of electricity - abit of a jump start so to speak! I spent the train journey home scribbling away making sence of the notes I had made while walking around. Who caught my eye? - Ruth Issett "Dislocate - Relocate" Nos 3 and 5, Valerie Huggins - "Afghan Fields", Carole Thompson - "Triple Circle/Triple Square" and "Cube" Prinkie Roberts - I liked the figures in the bright colours and Sue Hardy - "Ordinary 1-6" Quirky quilts using pastel brights, raffia and circle applique and hessian.

I also met Paula another Distant Stitcher who happened to be visiting with a friend, I trust you enjoyed the exhibition too.

Last night was spent quilting, Wednesday WiPs, and I was able to put the border strips around the scrappy blocks, they are now ready for trimming to a universal size so they can be sewn together to make the top. I would like to say that I won't be quilting until next Wednesday but hey, there's the Frayed Denim Quilt to cut out! Maybe Sunday...

Must go and be Mother now, got to collect Son from Hockey Club and then there's taxi to Cubs and Guides. Looking forward to 9pm so I can get these ideas that have been appearing since this morning out of my head!

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