Monday, 18 February 2008

School's Out for Half Term

It's the Half Term Holiday this week and coursework will have to be done in the evening, as I spend the daytime entertaining a 13 year old and 10 year old. Today is Admin. Day where time is spent tidying rooms and putting things away so that the rest of the week we can have fun. At the moment this includes a visit to the cinema and a museum trip to London, no doubt more ideas will be forthcoming later on as we plan the week. Sadly DH has an important deadline to meet at work and may only be able to join us for a day trip later in the week.

My course work plans for this week includes:-

Uploading all completed coursework to the second blog

Completing the tassels

Making more buttons

Quilting work includes:-

Cutting borders for Black and White Quilt and Bazaar Quilt

Cutting out fabric for Frayed Denim Quilt and sewing together

That should keep me busy in the evenings!

Let the week begin...

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Daniela said...

Good luck with your week Alison. Now my kids are older and rather like having a mum who is busy with her own things and not interfering too much with their lives, but I remember how difficult it was some years ago to find some time for myself. I had organized a painting area within their playing room so I could put in some work when they graciously allowed me to do so ... To tell you the truth I happened to feel rather frustrated at the time but it's been a beautiful period indeed.