Thursday, 22 July 2010

Living with two teenagers in the house!

He may looks devilish but he has the voice of an angel
Today is Darling Son's birthday

13 years old and I am waiting for "Kevin" to appear!
I have had a house full of boys with various deepnesses of voice, which reminds me that my own little choir boy will be up with the bass section all to soon...

Monday, 19 July 2010

It's Only Rock and Roll...

...but it's

Sunday spent at Guilfest, watching amongst others
The Blockheads, 10cc, Level 42 and the Mighty Status Quo

Blue sky, sun and silly festival hats

Mark King - the Slap Bass King

DH watched most of Level 42's set through his binoculars, Mark is one of his Bass Heros and would love to play slap bass like him - sore finger allowing!

More silly festival hats as worn by the Darlings

The Quo

Rocking all over Guildford!

This is the second time we saw Status Quo at Guilfest - this was the best!

BUT the real reason for going to Guilfest had to be the

The Fabulous FEZHEADS

Visit for more details about the chaps who are totally mad

Chopping a Fezhead in two

Good Old Music Hall magic tricks, Sand Dances and Comical Music


When DH grows up he wants to be a Fezhead!

Should they ever need a three fingered bass player he's their man!

For Meg...

This event starts on Friday afternoon and goes on until Sunday evening, camping is available - tent or camper van, but we usually choose the best running list for either Saturday or Sunday and then book a day ticket. Would have liked to see the Human League on Saturday night, but just couldn't face NDubz. We decided the Sunday was more our style of music!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Memory jog required...

At one of the many scumptious meal times during our visit to Urchfont,
one of you Distant Stitchers was commenting on the buttons I used in Module 2.
Please could you remind me who it was?

The things I have to do some times...

...Finger Guards

My DH has a nasty accident while gardening some weeks ago, resulting in a very tender tip to his fore finger on his left hand. Although right handed this is a major problem as he plays bass guitar in a band. He is currently playing with three fingers, but sometimes forgets which causes no end of discomfort. So to protect the tip I made him this cover which allows him to touch the strings without catching anything else! He is gigging tonight so will test whether it works.
I would say break a leg,
but after the trauma of the finger he couldn't face any more time in A & E!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Prom Night

My little girl is currently at her Prom - I finally felt my age today.

Where did the little baby scowling from the incubator go...

and where did the beautiful young lady come from?

She has made me very proud
My Princess

White to Black to Explosion of Colour

Below is an overview of what I did at Urchfont.

There are no methods or explanations of how they were created - my fellow Distant Stitchers know how I created the fabrics and in respect for Ruth Issett I won't be telling you, go do your own Ruth Issett Workshop you'll thank me for suggesting it!

It started with a pebble...

Sketching lines and making marks

Making marks and lines with white

Making marks and lines with black

Whoops, when recording your work as you go along,
don't forget to photograph your own work at the same time as looking at other students!!!
Some of the black marks can still be seen in the coloured fabrics below

Adding Colour!

A Cuff

Creating something with the fabric you have manipulated.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

On the Seventh day...

I can't remember the last time I crammed so much into six consecutive days.

Last Friday, after packing the case and collecting my C & G coursework together I took my Darling Daughter to see the Twilight Saga mega viewing at the local cinema - back to back films one and two, Twilight and New Moon, and then at midnight -Eclipse.
We arrived home at 2.30am!

Saturday I travelled into London to visit the V & A. It was my last chance to see the Quilt Show, which was very interesting. I also had time to look around at the other exhibits and then wander around Knightsbridge and Regents Street. Missed the Parade by minutes, but saw the aftermath of rubbish strewn around. I found Liberty's and wandered around the Haberdashery and Fabric sections. I love this building, especially the central stairs and walkway. Found a scarf reduced by silly amounts, so I bought it. It looks good to wear and when I'm bored with it it can become something else!

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday was spent at Urchfont College with my Distant Stitch course where the guest tutor was Ruth Issett. Lucky Us! I don't think I have every felt so mentally exhausted at the end of each evening for some time. It was great, I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. Big thank you to Sian for organising the Summer School and a big thank you to Ruth for giving such a great workshop.

As an icebreaker Hazel suggested we make ATCs, place them in a coded envelope and then we chose a different envelope and spent time finding out who had made which one from the clues on the envelope and what we might have been wearing.

Above are all the different styles of cards created.

So tomorrow...a day of rest?

Darling Husband celebrates his birthday and

Darling Daughter has her prom, so probably not!

Safely Home

Back home after a fantastic few days at Urchfont.
Ruth Issett was brilliant
Off for a lie down in a dark room to recharge the batteries

It was great to meet up with old friends and meet new ones
Thanks for making this year fun, as always

Blogging soon with photos...