Thursday, 8 July 2010

White to Black to Explosion of Colour

Below is an overview of what I did at Urchfont.

There are no methods or explanations of how they were created - my fellow Distant Stitchers know how I created the fabrics and in respect for Ruth Issett I won't be telling you, go do your own Ruth Issett Workshop you'll thank me for suggesting it!

It started with a pebble...

Sketching lines and making marks

Making marks and lines with white

Making marks and lines with black

Whoops, when recording your work as you go along,
don't forget to photograph your own work at the same time as looking at other students!!!
Some of the black marks can still be seen in the coloured fabrics below

Adding Colour!

A Cuff

Creating something with the fabric you have manipulated.

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Meg said...

It was lovely to see you again Alison. I love your cuff. It's amazing that everyone's work was so different when we all started from looking at similar pebbles.