Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Sample 5: Inside out "Traditional" Log Cabin

Traditional log cabin with a twist. The strips are chain stitched in position instead of the traditional way. This leaves the edges of the fabric on top to be frayed and manipulated. Tabs and buttons are used to join two panels and machine made cords are used to attach the other panels.

Sample 4: Woven Ribbon

Ribbons woven and machine stitch embellished. One panel attached using buttons and twining the thread around them. The other panel has had warp cords created using stitch n tear and the sewing machine and then knobbly wool was woven through the gaps.

Sample 3: Corner Log Cabin, plain

This Corner Log Cabin is plain with no bits and pieces added to seam. The panels have been joined together by lacing. One simple wool laced like a shoe, the second using beads threaded onto the yarn at each opening.

Sample 2: Corner Log Cabin

This Corner Log Cabin has pieces of fabric added at each sewing stage. The panels could be joined together using either knotted strips of fabric, this example has added knots to make the gap bigger, or buttons joined together using macrame knots

Sample 1: Suffolk Puffs

This sample shows the Suffolk Puff panel and how two panels can be joined together using either more Suffolk Puffs of graduating size or mini safety pins

February's Work

I have been busy during February, making a conscious effort to work on the final chapters of module 2, although a bit of quilting has been done!

Five samples of how the apron panels may look were fun to make. It gave me the imputus to get on with it. I feel the need to crack on and get the apron made. Module 3 is within grasp!