Friday, 28 May 2010

Sometimes life takes over...

and the things that make you happy, that take your mind off the tough stuff of life, take a back seat.

As I work for myself I can work the hours I like and as my job is something I like doing it's not so arduous to be sat at 10pm of an evening, (plus some!) sewing. I'll be the first to admit I do too much, socially and craft wise. There are never enough hours in the day to fit it all in and then when the Darlings make a demand of my time I will always drop what I am doing for them and then when Family fall ill we all stop to do what we can don't we? Unfortunately C & G coursework is the first thing to go on the back burners, so I was pleased to find some of that precious thing called "time" to give to the coursework this week. No photos yet but will post on the Coursework blog very soon.
Current work, which now has a very close deadline looming, is a banner for a Mothers' Union branch. Their current one is very old and becoming frayed and sad. This is a close up of the centre design.

I will be very glad to see this banner paraded through St. Paul's Cathedral very soon.

Other Creative Stuff includes:
Last Saturday was spent with my quilting group making these wonderful bags. Mine is the one on the far right. Amazingly most of the members came with Japanese themed fabrics in lots of rich colour schemes. There were about 12 bags finished by the end of the workshop.

12" x 12" Wonky Log Cabin in Scraps made for a swap

with a Quilting Group in Houston

It's in homage to the South African based Football World Cup beginning soon

We all had to incorporate a piece of dotty fabric - mine became footballs!

Darling Daughter's Sewing Box made for her Resistant Materials GCSE
Didn't she do well?

Should be bringing it home this afternoon.

Thou shalt not covet - but it will probably be mine until she leaves home!

Dad Update

I suppose I haven't blogged recently as I had no news regarding Dad and we were waiting with bated breath to see what the results were after all the extensive tests. I can only sing the praises of the NHS as Dad has been seen and operated on asap after finding his lump. So last night Mum was able to tell me that the cancer has not spread from the lymph nodes, which is such a relief. The sence of a great burden being lifted was incredable. They can now have their short break away at the seaside before Dad begins courses of chemo and radiotherapy. Dad's upset that he will be losing his beard - something he has cultivated for over forty years - I asked whether a false one is available as the hospital had offered a wig for when his hair falls out! Bad humour is a great remedy to the Big C. Got to keep laughing...

Best wishes

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sweet Sixteen

My Darling Daughter is 16 today!

Time has flown by
and in memory of her Darling Twin Brother
Love to you both x