Sunday, 29 May 2011

March seems so long ago!

Since the last blog I've been to Rome...

Returned home to sit in hospital while my Son had two operations for an abscess , sat in another hospital while my Husband had an angioplasty, thinking he was having a heart attack - fortunately it was Pericarditis and he is now recovering, been very busy with plenty of orders that seem to have short deadlines, been to the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court for two silk shading courses, celebrated my Daughter's 17th Birthday and changed my medication for rheumatoid arthritis only to find that this one has yet to kick in (two weeks later) which is making me feel frayed at the edges with the joint pain.

BUT I have done some course work!

AND I am planning to do some more!

And we threw a coin, or two, into the Trevi Fountain so we might return to Rome one day...

Module Five - Chapter Two

Uploaded to the Module Five course work blog.