Saturday, 26 November 2011

Missing in Action...

I can't believe I've not blogged since 11th September!
I have been checking up on my favourite bloggers but not had much to say, so I did't!

Plenty of stitchery has been going on...

Just been downloading 300 photographs and will be posting something of interest soon

For those cat lovers out there, here's the cat that has adopted me!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Celebrating Hope and Courage

Today is my Dad's birthday

Obviously every 11th September has a bitter sweet edge to it since 2001,

but it's my Dad's birthday and I hope he has had a lovely day while on his holiday.

He deserves it.

And celebrating the madness that is the excentric Englishman I turn to David Walliams who is swimming the Thames for Sport Relief. I had the honour of seeing him today as he swam through Shepperton Lock. How proud I feel - not sure why as we are not related or have even met, but I feel a great sence of admiration for the folly of what he is doing. What with Weil's Disease and signage everywhere on the river banks forbidding swimming you have to agree he must be quite mad. But using the old adage "It's for a good cause!" I suppose the least I could do was give a donation and clap and cheer him on his way. He is expected to complete his journey tomorrow at Big Ben, (St. Stephen's Tower). I shall be monitoring his movements via Twitter and raise a cup of tea in salute when he gets there!

Come on David! You can do it!

A rather tired David navigates the lock and goes for a sit down and a cup of tea with his Mother and Doctor Who (Peter Davidson!) What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon

So here's hoping Dad has continuing good health

and David has lots of courage to complete his challenge.

And to the survivors and families of 9/11 you are in my prayers

Good Night.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Goldwork Update

This is the last Goldwork Update for a while, unless I can find a way to complete 4 new orders, my City & Guild course work, my new venture and not sleep!

So it's off to the WiP pile until time allows.

Leaf 2

I've also added cut work to some of the stem padding

Not to far to go now, the end is in sight.

Design Teaser

Can you see what it is yet?

Design created, tracing made and pricked.

Fabric being stretched.

Currently deciding which stitches and which coloured wools are going where.

This is not a project, this is a serious piece of work...

...and there are 8 weeks to do it!

This was week One, I shall give you a weekly update - weekly!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Goldwork Update

So at the end of Day 5 of the Gold Work Course the sampler looked like this...

and some may have wondered if any more would have been done

- would it be added to the W.I.P. pile?

The answer to that is no, I have continued to cover the padding and so far the "flowers" and "leaves" look like this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

making the whole sampler look like this...

Still plenty to do so I'll post more photos when there is more progress!

Holiday Over, Back to Reality

I've been away from the computer for most of August

After a wonderful week at the Royal School of Needlework I was back down to earth with washing and packing for our annual holiday.

This year was Longleat Center Parcs, the one I usually go to for my girlie weekend in Oct/Nov.

We had a lovely villa with a great view from the patio

We awoke on the first morning to find this deer outside of our window

The weather was interesting to say the least and on the Thursday when we were supposed to be canoeing - rain stopped play! - we ended up playing 18 holes of very crazy golf instead

Rain didn't stop play here but added a serious hazard that even Rory McIlroy would have trouble with and as for retrieving the ball from the hole - when we finally found it - was a very wet experience indeed.

On the last morning we had a "good bye" from the duckings and their mother.

They had visited daily to check we were enjoying ourselves

The rest of our holiday time has been spent visiting the Parents up in the North West.

We are blessed to still have a full set each living in the same village.

and spent a lovely evening playing dominoes.

Keeping it traditional

It's always good to spend time with Mum and Dad especially after the last two years of the medical upheaval of breast cancer - both of them! - and the subsequent difficulties of the chemo and radiotherapy that my Dad endured. All now is well and we hope they will be taking up the invitation of sharing Christmas with us.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Goldwork Day 5

I have had an amazing week at the Royal School of Needlework, the intense ,yet fun, Gold Work course with people from Canada, America, Kuwait, Sweden, New Zealand, Austrailia and of course the UK was brilliant. What can I say about the Tutor Owen? He is a very talented embroiderer who is very generous with his time and talents. Should you be thinking of taking a course at the RSN, DO IT! All the tutors are trained to the highest standards, know their subject and are very helpful.

Embellishments to the Padding

Embroidery silks with Pearl Purl

As time was against me so I did as much as I could to remind me how to finish each piece

Cut Work

Cut Work added to the main stem

End of Day 5

Silk Shading, Crewel Work and more Gold Work yet to be added

The Course is now over, but the sampler continues. I will have to put it to one side for a day or two, but I will keep you posted as new parts are added and especially when it is completed.

Goldwork Day 4

So this is where I have been all week, on the upper floors above the Royal Apartments

It is close to where the imfamous fire started all those years ago and it has been restored as close to how it would have originally looked. It is wonderful to be in such a historic building and when I arrive, before the tourists, I am able to walk through the Tudor area and soak in the atmosphere, half expecting hoards of servants to be rushing around getting breakfast ready for the King!

Adding Colour with Tapestry Shading

Another Way to Pad - Carpet Felt

Layer One Completed

Layer Two Awaiting Stitching

Layer Two Completed

Layer One of the Other Area using Carpet Felt

It's abit messy using this stuff and my fingers are suffering today!

Completed CarpetPadding

End of Day 4

All areas padded and colour added to the Pearl Purl stems

The flower on the top left hand side will have Silk Shading

What Will The Final Day Bring?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Goldwork Day 3

I began yesterday's session completing the gold chips sections

It took up alot of the morning

Completed Chips! At Last!

I finally got to move onto something new.

Couching Down Twist and Passing Threads,

using a purple stranded thread for decoration

Continuing Crouching

For some reason after uploading, deleting and uploading again Blogger insists on putting the last two photos upside down!

Completed crouched leaf section

End of Day

Carpet Felt Padding today!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Today you may be my 10000th visitor
Thank-you so much for visiting my humble blog

Goldwork Day 2

Yesterday was spent padding areas that will be covered with gold

Felt Padding Three Areas on One Leaf

Soft String Padding

Adding Gold - chips

Adding the Stems

End of Day

Today - Gold Fever!