Friday, 5 August 2011

Goldwork Day 5

I have had an amazing week at the Royal School of Needlework, the intense ,yet fun, Gold Work course with people from Canada, America, Kuwait, Sweden, New Zealand, Austrailia and of course the UK was brilliant. What can I say about the Tutor Owen? He is a very talented embroiderer who is very generous with his time and talents. Should you be thinking of taking a course at the RSN, DO IT! All the tutors are trained to the highest standards, know their subject and are very helpful.

Embellishments to the Padding

Embroidery silks with Pearl Purl

As time was against me so I did as much as I could to remind me how to finish each piece

Cut Work

Cut Work added to the main stem

End of Day 5

Silk Shading, Crewel Work and more Gold Work yet to be added

The Course is now over, but the sampler continues. I will have to put it to one side for a day or two, but I will keep you posted as new parts are added and especially when it is completed.


Fibrenell said...

Your sampler is just beautiful. Looks like you learned such a lot so quickly. And so useful in your church work too.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the progress you make on it now the course is over!

Anne B said...

What a fantastic experience. Lovely sampler.

JaneO said...

Wow Alison, just been catching up with your blog - you have done so much in the last month. The goldwork is beautiful.