Monday, 29 August 2011

Holiday Over, Back to Reality

I've been away from the computer for most of August

After a wonderful week at the Royal School of Needlework I was back down to earth with washing and packing for our annual holiday.

This year was Longleat Center Parcs, the one I usually go to for my girlie weekend in Oct/Nov.

We had a lovely villa with a great view from the patio

We awoke on the first morning to find this deer outside of our window

The weather was interesting to say the least and on the Thursday when we were supposed to be canoeing - rain stopped play! - we ended up playing 18 holes of very crazy golf instead

Rain didn't stop play here but added a serious hazard that even Rory McIlroy would have trouble with and as for retrieving the ball from the hole - when we finally found it - was a very wet experience indeed.

On the last morning we had a "good bye" from the duckings and their mother.

They had visited daily to check we were enjoying ourselves

The rest of our holiday time has been spent visiting the Parents up in the North West.

We are blessed to still have a full set each living in the same village.

and spent a lovely evening playing dominoes.

Keeping it traditional

It's always good to spend time with Mum and Dad especially after the last two years of the medical upheaval of breast cancer - both of them! - and the subsequent difficulties of the chemo and radiotherapy that my Dad endured. All now is well and we hope they will be taking up the invitation of sharing Christmas with us.

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Anne B said...

What lovely pix. Can't get over the wildlife! How lucky. Stay well - all of you. X