Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Goldwork Day 1

Please understand that out of respect for my tutor, Owen Davies, and The Royal School of Needlework I won't be sharing with you the extensive notes I made nor how I got to each stage. If you are desperate to know about Goldwork join one of the classes at the RSN

or buy Tracey Franklin's books.

The posts this week will just show how a paper design can become something special.

I hope!

Design Source

My Design

My Design Transfered to Linen

Linen to Paper

- should have placed this in the opposite direction,but you can see the progression.

The linen was put now on the frame - that was a fun thing to learn properly!

End of Day One

This morning I begin to build up the design using felt padding and soft string.

I may even add gold today!


Anonymous said...

That's a delightful design, with plenty of scope for a whole range of goldwork techniques. I'm looking forward to seeing which you choose!

Meg said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!