Friday, 5 August 2011

Goldwork Day 4

So this is where I have been all week, on the upper floors above the Royal Apartments

It is close to where the imfamous fire started all those years ago and it has been restored as close to how it would have originally looked. It is wonderful to be in such a historic building and when I arrive, before the tourists, I am able to walk through the Tudor area and soak in the atmosphere, half expecting hoards of servants to be rushing around getting breakfast ready for the King!

Adding Colour with Tapestry Shading

Another Way to Pad - Carpet Felt

Layer One Completed

Layer Two Awaiting Stitching

Layer Two Completed

Layer One of the Other Area using Carpet Felt

It's abit messy using this stuff and my fingers are suffering today!

Completed CarpetPadding

End of Day 4

All areas padded and colour added to the Pearl Purl stems

The flower on the top left hand side will have Silk Shading

What Will The Final Day Bring?


Angie Willis said...

What wonderful work! I'm amazed that you find time at the end of the day to post these gorgeous photos to your blog. They're really inspirational.

Rachel said...

What wonderful surroundings to be working in!