Sunday, 23 January 2011

I started and I finally finished it - part two... piece for Module Four!

Using the word communication as inspiration I chose to make a fan.
Fans were an instrument of communication and had their own language.
How I made the fan can be found on the Module Four coursework blog
Here is the front

There is also a "Dance Card" and pencil attached so my decerning Lady may note down the lucky Gentleman she will be dancing with. Although this "Dance Card" does not hold spaces for names as it holds the meaning of each monture and instructions on how to hold the fan to communicate the message!

Again the explanation is on the other blog site and a bit to long to convey here.

Here is a view from the back

I just have some loose ends to complete on this Module then it is on to Number Five, Hurrah!

And those of you who are Distant Stitchers will know why I feel so happy!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

January Clear Out

Never thought I would spend a Saturday evening at home tidying up!

Must have finally grown-up!
Or I have a sad social life!!!

Just delivered an order today so the workbench is clear.
Ready to give the work room some t.l.c

Clear the junk, so I have a clean space to work and study

Just as well Saturday evening TV is so rubbish.

Must crack on...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thank-goodness for the Cricket!

It is very late - England are back batting after their lunch and I am still up!

I have been updating my City and Guild Module Four work.

Blogger, uploading photos, my very slow internet connection and probably my computer ineptitude has kept me at the computer for eight hours!

I'm rather shocked myself as the time has flown by without me noticing.

I've been listening to the Cricket since 11pm- not something I usually enjoy, but it's better than football and I do like a Test Match

Especially when we are winning!

Go over to the other blog,
and let me know what you think of the fan I'm creating

I'm off to bed to dream that it may one day grace the display shelves here

No harm in dreaming, Goodnight