Saturday, 8 January 2011

January Clear Out

Never thought I would spend a Saturday evening at home tidying up!

Must have finally grown-up!
Or I have a sad social life!!!

Just delivered an order today so the workbench is clear.
Ready to give the work room some t.l.c

Clear the junk, so I have a clean space to work and study

Just as well Saturday evening TV is so rubbish.

Must crack on...


Jennifer said...

Well, it is true that our ideas about what constitutes a good time change with age -- although getting things in order and ready for the next projects and adventures does sound pretty appealing to me!

Meg said...

I seem to spend my life tidying my work room. It's so small and I'm so messy that I only have to be in the room for 5 minutes before it looks like a bomb has hit it!