Sunday, 11 September 2011

Celebrating Hope and Courage

Today is my Dad's birthday

Obviously every 11th September has a bitter sweet edge to it since 2001,

but it's my Dad's birthday and I hope he has had a lovely day while on his holiday.

He deserves it.

And celebrating the madness that is the excentric Englishman I turn to David Walliams who is swimming the Thames for Sport Relief. I had the honour of seeing him today as he swam through Shepperton Lock. How proud I feel - not sure why as we are not related or have even met, but I feel a great sence of admiration for the folly of what he is doing. What with Weil's Disease and signage everywhere on the river banks forbidding swimming you have to agree he must be quite mad. But using the old adage "It's for a good cause!" I suppose the least I could do was give a donation and clap and cheer him on his way. He is expected to complete his journey tomorrow at Big Ben, (St. Stephen's Tower). I shall be monitoring his movements via Twitter and raise a cup of tea in salute when he gets there!

Come on David! You can do it!

A rather tired David navigates the lock and goes for a sit down and a cup of tea with his Mother and Doctor Who (Peter Davidson!) What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon

So here's hoping Dad has continuing good health

and David has lots of courage to complete his challenge.

And to the survivors and families of 9/11 you are in my prayers

Good Night.


Anne B said...

What a lovely and uplifting post, Alison. Glad to see your dad's doing OK now.

Jennifer said...

A lovely post, and indeed it's wonderful to see your dad celebrating a birthday! Our take on 9/11 is that the boldest, bravest, most honorable thing we can do is simply carry on. We honor our heroes and mourn our losses, but ultimately we move forward and celebrate the day-to-day....