Monday, 19 July 2010

It's Only Rock and Roll...

...but it's

Sunday spent at Guilfest, watching amongst others
The Blockheads, 10cc, Level 42 and the Mighty Status Quo

Blue sky, sun and silly festival hats

Mark King - the Slap Bass King

DH watched most of Level 42's set through his binoculars, Mark is one of his Bass Heros and would love to play slap bass like him - sore finger allowing!

More silly festival hats as worn by the Darlings

The Quo

Rocking all over Guildford!

This is the second time we saw Status Quo at Guilfest - this was the best!

BUT the real reason for going to Guilfest had to be the

The Fabulous FEZHEADS

Visit for more details about the chaps who are totally mad

Chopping a Fezhead in two

Good Old Music Hall magic tricks, Sand Dances and Comical Music


When DH grows up he wants to be a Fezhead!

Should they ever need a three fingered bass player he's their man!

For Meg...

This event starts on Friday afternoon and goes on until Sunday evening, camping is available - tent or camper van, but we usually choose the best running list for either Saturday or Sunday and then book a day ticket. Would have liked to see the Human League on Saturday night, but just couldn't face NDubz. We decided the Sunday was more our style of music!

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Meg said...

Sounds great -just my sort of thing if there is no camping involved or pouring rain!