Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tassel Tuesday!

Can you see a theme on the titles?

I am planning to make some tassels today. The ideas I have, and the guidance Sian has given in the course note book, have been buzzing in my head for months. I have gathered tassel blocks both man-made and natural, I have threads that will look marvelous tasselled and a couple of books for helpful tips, so I shall begin to free the mind to leave space for something else to create an idea.

Before I start I have to make a pot of chicken soup, as I boiled up the carcass last night, and my daughter would like the stock using for soup, usually I would freeze it in icecube trays for gravy or casserole stock. That enough of Delia from me, I've got tassels to make!

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Helen Conway said...

Can you tell me which books you have and whether you recommend them for a complete beginner? I was by co-incidence looking for some just before I flicked over here!