Saturday, 23 February 2008

Days Out

The science museum and a photograph of war planes for my Son, who is currently studying World War II and thought the Teacher would like these. There are plenty more but thought one would do for the blog.

For my daughter whose Art homework this half term is a study of mosaics we found the floor of the V& A very interesting. When ever I am at touristy places I am the one taking pictures of skirting boards or dado rails instead of the things the curators think we should be interested in...

...While at Art College studying Graphic Design I was creating "a saleable item aimed at children, to be sold at the British Museum". So there was I taking a photograph of a sign saying "British Museum Shop" so I could get the typeface right when along came a curator muttering - "They take photos of everything and anything these ruddy tourists!" Well I like to take photos of everything and anything as you never know when the image can come in useful, which is why I took a photo of the blown glass sculpture hanging in the V & A reception area.

I could see this as a hat! Well, atleast some of it...

Finally, for Thursday, I took a picture of the Darlings who had been so patient with me while I had suffered with the cold this week. We could have been anywhere in Europe - Italy, Florance perhaps - but the grey sky above gives it away - Yes it could only be London!

The Darlings ponder the beauty of great architecture!

(Whilst dipping their shoes in the water - well they would wouldn't they?)

(Brighton Postcards to follow)


Guzzisue said...

I'm not a ghost, honest!!

Jennifer said...

I don't know enough about WWII aircraft to say for sure, but that plane from the bottom angle, anyway, looks something like the Stearman that my father-in-law flew at the tail end of WWII. He never saw action but was a Navy pilot; it's still a little amazing to me (although I don't know why) that there are still so many living WWII vets. Guess it just seems in such the distant past somehow.