Saturday, 16 February 2008


I've spent the afternoon helping out at the jumble sale. One of the perks is you get the pick of the left overs when it's over. I came home with various pink and green tops which will be shredded into strips for wrapping around hoops and blocks for the tassels and buttons. I haven't got them for myself - honest - as they are size 10 and it was a long time since I 've been a 10!

The best part of the afternoon was finding black, white and other coloured G-strings in amongst the jumble and the 80+ year old's joking amongst themselves as to which one of them had brought them ! The thought of any of them wearing such items now has kept me in giggles ever since, although in their youth, if G-strings were available, you'ld just never know. BUT the big question is WHO would send second hand knickers to a jumble sale?????

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