Monday, 4 February 2008

The Weekend part two

Sunday and after the Family Service, an hour of church cleaning readying the church for Lent and cooking a roast dinner we decided to go for a walk. I forgot the camera as usual and saw lots of interesting things as usual! Nearing the end of the walk my daughter slipped and sprained her ankle. Surfice to say we got back to the car, cleaned ourselves up and DH bundled her off the casualty to find it definitely was sprained and not broken as Daughter feared. Whilst they were at the hospital I took my mind off the ankle dilema by sewing together all the scraps I had found on Saturday.

Joining them all together made large pieces of "new" fabric

By the time Daughter had been seen by a Doctor and had her ankle x-rayed I had made the above large blocks of scraps! Daughter returned home numbed with pain-killers and feeling abit sorry for herself. Once she was safely in bed and DH was catching up on his emails etc I then cut the fabric into 6" square blocks, see below.

These blocks will now be attached to scrap strips to give them borders and then joined together, backed with fleece, quilted and given to a local school for disabled children.

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