Saturday, 9 February 2008

Sort It Out Saturday!

After a lovely lie-in til 9.30am and a leisurely breakfast, I intend to sort out the workroom/study. It was a pity after such an exciting day on Thursday to come home to an untidy workroom which meant I was unable to sit down and begin creating. I ended up going to bed frustrated. SO here are the before photos - I'm not proud!

View from the doorway
How on earth did it get this bad?

Workbench & Grandad's Bureau & Shelves full of STUFF

"Hidden" Cupboard & Bookshelves groaning under strain

I have had great expectations of being organized. There are lots of storage units, boxes and plastic folders stuffed with STUFF, so today I am destuffing!

Off now to get started, see you later with lots of lovely neat and tidy photos...


Jennifer said...

I am so delighted you are joining in, and thank you for sharing your "before" photos as well. I know how hard that is! I'm making some progress here, and honestly feel bolstered by the fact that others are at it right now, too. Save me a scone!

Helen Conway said...

I don't mean to be rude but.. oh my God did a tornado strike?!! No seriously I bet theer is a load of really good stuff in there and it will all lead to great art work once you tidy up. I can't wait to see the after photos. Thanks for playing along with Jennifer and I.

Laura Jane said...

This is most comforting! I am relieved to see a sewing/craft room as messy as mine.

Good luck with the clean-up. I imagine it will be easy to see some progress.

It could be quite liberating...but you know (don't you?) that next week you'll want whatever piece of STUFF you've ditched!

Laurie said...

I can totally relate! Chaos is so easy to achieve as a quilter! LOL

thanks for stopping by my blog!