Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Trying new techniques

Monday evening was my quilting group night and we were having a demonstration evening. I am a novice quilter and enjoy being shown new techniques. So I now know how to do Bow Tie blocks and Flying Geese.

My Samples of Bow Tie, (easier to do than I thought!) and Flying Geese.

At the week-end I tried to tie a knotted heart, it took three attempts and a number of hours!

but as you can see it was worth it. I'm planning to incorporate it into a SUPER tassel I am intending to create.

Yesterday was a bit of a waste as I have deveolped a cold which lay me low. Children not too happy as we had to change our plans. Today is better but the thought of a trip into London loaded with Lemsip and boxes of Kleenex does not appeal. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Change of plan includes making jewelry for friends birthday, art project that needs completing and some maths homework that Son is in denial about.

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sudu said...

This is a terrific tie a knotted heart. I would like to try, can you share your source? Please email at Thanks