Wednesday, 13 February 2008

WiPs Wednesday

Wednesday again and my Mum's birthday

Today, at my Toddler Group, I had my little darlings making Valentine's cards for their Mums, Dads or Grandparents. Some were able to do it all by themselves, others had their Mothers to help them , but all had fun with the glue sticks and lots of hearts I had cut out last night.
Today I had 10 boys and 1 girl visit, we had fun with the cars and trains once the glue had been packed away!

So how many tassels have I got? ...Four

How many ideas of what I intend to make? ...a new one is created everytime I look through a knot book I bought on holiday two summers ago!

BUT tonight is WiP Wednesday and there are quilts to finish and it's Thameside Quilters on Monday evening and I need something for Show and Tell as I haven't S 'n' T ed for along time.

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