Monday, 4 February 2008

The Weekend

We had nothing planned for the week end which is unusual, although the boys did attend the Swindon v Northampton match as they do like to visit "local" away matches to see opponants grounds. Daughter and I DID go shopping which I know I said we wouldn't, but we did! After WHSmiths for some inspiring magazines - paisley patterns ( am I on to a revised trend?) and elephant patterns (DH loves ellies and I like to embroider them for him) and lots more ideas to develop. We visited our local quilt shop - Green Mountain Quilts. There I found grey fabric for binding the Seminole Quilt, new sewing scissors as the Scissor Imp still hadn't returned my embroidery scissors, 6" quilting square ruler (to help me with a frayed denim quilt I am planning), 2 FQs and what I really needed, a large Clover Yo-Yo maker! This I intend to use to make buttons.

Once home I collected together all my quilting fabrics, ironed and refolded where necessary and arranged in rainbow formation followed by pattered/pictoral FQs and plaids! How proud did I feel? I have a bono fide STASH, that surely means I am a quilter? As well as all the other crafty titles I like to collect - Rag rugger, embroiderer, crocheter etc...

My Stash - small but beautiful

I also found this collection of fabrics in a bag of goodies from the Thameside Quilters Xmas Chinese Aution, not quite FQs but enough of each design to make something interesting - any ideas?

This pile of fabric was in a bag marked - Civil War fabrics, and were of cuts from a bigger quilt

Once pressed I had enough stripes to make a FQ size piece of fabric and pieces of complimentary fabrics to enhance it. I put it in the Wednesday WiPs box and await what developes.

I went to bed with the Yo-Yo maker and some pastel scraps and made 5 Yo-Yos before the need for sleep - better than a book!

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