Thursday, 28 February 2008

Super Tassel in Progress

Just to show how I go about creating stuff, here how the Super Tassel came about.

Here's the page from my notebook/craft diary where I dooble and log the time I spend doing the course work - well that's what I usually do, but I 've noticed that I haven't logged the time I spent on this page!!!

So I wrote of what I intend to do and a drawing of how I wish to do it - I promise that I drew this before making it!

This is the top, thread wrapped napkin ring and a thread wrapped wooden bracelet. The top of the napkin ring has been threaded similar to a Dorset button and a hanging loop added.

Under the top is a maquette of how the cable will be twisted and where the wrapped washers will be placed.
Covering the ugly electrical cable

I covered the cable with macrame, using a green cotton thread/wool, the knotting of the macrame caused a twist to form around the cable which was a nice effect.

Putting in the Twists

As the length of covered cable grew I began to attach the wrapped washers to give the twisted cable stability and stop it unraveling.

Another twist added

A couple more washers are needed and the wires that have been released from the gray plastic covering need to be covered and twisted.

So does it look like the drawing yet?
I intend to add something to the centre and cover the three bare wires and twist them and add a tassel to the ends, similar to the one thats complete and then I shall post the completed Super Tassel on the coursework blog.

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