Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Never a Day Goes By...

...or midnight hour for that matter, when I have created something from either a pile of fabric or beads. So yesterday was no different. I had been busy cutting out and sewing up boy size scout scarves for my Son's unit. At his trumpet lesson - giving me a break from the scarves - I could be seen making Yo-Yos,(Suffolk Puffs) whilst Son belted out a fine rendision of "Bright Eyes". More work on the scarves in the evening inbetween being Cook and Taxi Driver for Children , getting them to rehersals and Youth Choir and I thought I had earned my right to go to bed! I had just got cosy last night, drifting off to sleep, when Darling Daugther gently tapped on the bedroom door and reminded me that it was her Bestfriend's birthday the next day and we hadn't made the beads we had bought a fortnight ago into the necklace and bracelet we had designed! So up I got and created these.

It took about an hour and Daughter was asleep by the time I was done, so she had to wait for this morning to see them. Fortunately she is very pleased! The lateness of my bedtime meant I slept through the earthquake we have experienced in the early hours of the morning - although listening to the radio I doubt it came down as far as us. The centre was too far away and the after shocks would have been faint. If it did reach London I'm sure it will be a talking point at Toddler Group this morning! Must go now as I have "playdoh" to make for the Little Darlings - pink and blue this week.

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Meg said...

Alison, you make me feel tired just reading about everything you do! I think you should have a nice sit down - if you can find the time!