Sunday, 24 February 2008

End of Half Term Holiday

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, relaxing with family over an enjoyable lunch. It was great to see the Twins again,(and their Parents ofcourse!), they are such fun. It brings back memories of when my two were the same age.

So the holiday is now over, the children are in bed with their uniforms ready, homework done and bags packed - Daughter's house keys have been found! - I refer you to the post dated "2nd Jan 2008" - Item 10 - as to who eventually found them (I wasn't aware they were missing!). I've just been back to look at what I had planned to do with my time, (that's all hours between 9pm - 1am), during Half Term and I was rather pleased to see that I got quite a bit done even with the cold!

I have spent this evening uploading the coursework I have done so far for Module Three City & Guilds Stitched Textiles. I need to go through the photographs and add some comments to explain to Sian,(Tutor), what I was doing - especially with the tassels.

Talking of tassels I have two more to photograph and add to the chapter and I have some "work in progress" photos to upload of the Super Tassel.

I have not made any more buttons but I do have a "work in progress" which requires some more beadwork, some Yo-Yos, (Suffolk Puffs), that need some more work on them before the camera comes anywhere near them! There are plenty of ideas and a bag full of goodies waiting for some attention this week.

Quilting wise I have completed the Frayed Denim Quilt, (but for the washing stage), but I didn't get round to cutting the fabrics for the other two quilts. Having said that there's always Wednesday WiPs evening for doing that job!

It's back to an early start in the morning so will return soon with the next post...

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