Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday WiPs Evening

As it is Ash Wednesday my Wednesday Wips evening will be shorter than usual as we will be at Church later. My Son will be singing in the choir, as angelic as any 10 year old can be with a split lip. It happen at school on Monday moring and it curtailed his trumpet lesson yesterday as he couldn't blow through his damaged lips. He had to do theory and sight reading which is good as his grade exam is iminent - long enough away for lips to heal fortunately. I intend to put the white border on the Black & White Seminole quilt, then again I may try to complete the cuddle quilt I began on Sunday!

As this blog has become abit of a diary of my crafting and life, which departs from it's original intention, I have set up a second blog which will only contain photos and explanations of my coursework for Distant Stitch Course members and my Tutor. Having said that you are all welcome to see what I am upto. Go to

I will still post Distant Stitch work here on this blog as part of the diary and to show you how I get to the final pieces on the other blog.


katinspace said...

Good idea about the two blog sites (although that is making yet more work ... ?!). I'm getting quite addicted to reading your blog because you update it so often and it's interesting. I need to work on mine a bit more.

Garnered Stitches said...

I did think it would make more work but I will only be posting completed chapters on the second blog, as if I was posting by Royal Mail!