Thursday, 14 February 2008

My Favourite Kind of Shopping!

I re-read through the Distant Stitch Course chapter on buttons last night. I have a few samples made using shop bought kits and they are nice in their own way, but there's something to be said for creating the buttons from scratch. So I have been shopping for button forms, (the base onto which you will put the textile top, in case you don't know), but not the usual packets you can find in haberdashers. Oh, No, I went to the local Homebase and perused the plumbing and hardware sections. I like to look at the things you would use one way and then think how I could use it in a textile way. So washers, wooden dowel plugs and foam guards for furniture become my forms for the buttons I shall be creating. I also went to Woolworths and Ryman's for bubble wrap and foamboard. And to British Home Stores for tights to hold all the padding down.

My Button Form Shopping

I returned from shopping to find my neighbour had kindly taken delivery of this lovely bunch of flowers. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine's bouquet with a yellow rose!

I love yellow flowers, they brighten the soul, yet yellow roses have a bad meaning if you read some "The Meaning of Flowers" books. I don't care, DH can send me yellow roses instead of red any time of the year, I'm not a conventional girl!

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