Sunday, 10 February 2008

Destuff Sunday

I stopped at midnight and my workroom, bar afew more storage boxes to keep the top shelves tidy, was finished...BUT my landing and part of my bedroom still had the STUFF I had taken out! I just couldn't believe that it had all come out of such a small room - this used to be my Son's bedroom.

Anyway todays plan of action is to tackle the aftermath of yesterday.

Go though the magazines, taking out interesting patterns and articles, and putting in the cuttings folder I have created - DO THIS EVENING WHILST WATCHING TV

Sort through STUFF for things to go to the Jumble Sale - THIS AFTERNOON ready for next Saturday

Sort through STUFF for the Tip - If I smile nicely DH may take it down to tip for me

Sort through STUFF to see if there's anything worth putting back - By this I mean part finished projects, paper/card, threads and beads that have gone astray, because I made a point of only putting back equipment, (includes electrical, sewing paraphernalia, paints/dyes, etc,etc), C & G work and books. I even discarded some books as well!

One thing I MUST point out, because I know I would have thought it if I had seen the BEFORE photographs - THE REST OF MY HOUSE IS TIDY - HONEST!!! I am not a candidate for a visit from "How Clean is your House?" Especially now Aggie has left "Dancing on Ice", she must be eagar to get her teeth into some unfortunate with dust and grime up to their eyeballs. Well that's not me! My room is where I create and unfortunately I tend not to tidy it as I am worried about throwing out something I may need later - I can't be alone on that - Also I tend to start something have another idea and go straight into doing it, so projects keep being left around waiting to be completed.

(By the way, DH was impressed when he came upstairs at 12.15am to find his study looking so tidy!)

The AFTER photos are coming soon


Helen Conway said...

well done but where are the after photos?!

Daniela said...

I know, I know, you have all my understanding. Every now and then I go through an organizing frenzy especially when I see my husband getting more and more nervous at all the stuff around. He is a minimalist by nature, poor thing, he can't understand fabrics are messy. And of course when the stuff gets too much I can't work anymore, as you say, since I can't find/see things. But that's our life and it's so much fun!
I'm waiting forward to see developments on your new blow.