Friday, 9 May 2008

The Wonders of Architecture in Windsor

DH took a day off today and we visited Windsor, didn't stop for the Tattoo at the Castle, although DH did return to Windsor in the evening for dinner at Anthony Worrel Thompson's restaurant. He said he was sitting facing a picture of a pig's head that was on a table, dripping blood and had a tag on it's ear which read "Gordon"! Ramsey, I presume?

So earlier, we had a wander over the bridge to Eton, where the House on the Bridge restaurant stands. I think the big letters on the side give it away abit.

Further into Eton is this building with a split personality - it's Tudor with Georgian aspirations!

We had a walk along the river bank to build up an appetite for lunch and dined at the Tapas restaurant in the old station, they have changed their menu and the set menu for two was different from our visit for my birthday, sadly I felt the choice was not as nice, but we enjoyed it. Possibly as we had some "quality time" together without having to referee the Darlings or be the font of all knowledge to the numerous questions they like to ask!

This building close to the castle just goes to show the extremes we Brits go to to avoid paying taxes - during the window tax of 1696-1851 many people bricked up the windows to stop having to pay! Tax was payable on a house with more than 6 windows, although not officially acknowledged it would be nice if the phrase "Daylight robbery" could be attributed to this time!

For those who are wondering where the patchwork and quilting has gone I have been working hard on coursework ready for the Summer School in July and creating a piece for the Quilt Show in June. I have been working on a Boutis quilt. A technique I haven't done before so it's taking some time as I have quilt the design before I can begin to put in the stuffing that will raise up particular parts of the design.

The photographs are not brilliant as the light was poor and the flash didn't really help as the design is on red fabric with red thread! Hopefully it you click on the photo you will get a larger version and see the detail.

The photos are of the top section which has daffodils on. The middle and bottom sections - not shown - are part of the Welsh Dragon and the Prince of Wales Feathers. The quilt will be called "A Bit of Rare Welsh" and will be in the challenge section whose theme is "Wales".

A close detail of the daffodil

I hope I can get it completed in time as it won't be much good for next years show as the theme will be different!!!

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