Friday, 30 May 2008

Day 37

It's been a busy half term, as usual. We've been at school quite abit with rehearsals and scenery painting. Inbetween all that and a sleep-over last night I have been trying to create the Resolved Piece. After looking through the Computer Designs for inspiration I had an idea which just had to be created...

Inspiration for Resolved Piece

This piece has to evolve, no planning required, which is a freedom I love. Each layer is like the next generation of the original idea!


Computer generated designs, felted embellishment with embroidery and rubbing made with Markel sticks

First Layer

Space Dyed Cloth

Second Layer

Markel Sticks rubbings in green and pink

Third Layer

Felted Embellishment using a Clover hand embellisher
Felting fibers and woollen threads follow the Markel pattern

Fourth layer

Hand embroidery

with a variety of threads

Inspiration for Fifth Layer
The Sunday Times had an article about St. Paul's which reminded me that I had postcards from my last visit of the spiral staircase in my reference folder. Using the photo from the article I traced an abstract design to use for the fifth layer.

The larger spiral - in the picture above - has been cut into "bit size" pieces and foam board blocks made. I have printed spiral designs onto green fabric and am waiting for them to dry before I iron them to fix the fabric paint, after that I will machine and hand embroider into the printed fabric. Once that has been done I will wrap the fabric around the foam-board forms and embellish further before mounting the piece on a board.

Hopefully by the end of the week-end the Resolved piece will be completed.

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