Monday, 12 May 2008

Busy Sunday

Darling Daughter made croissants for breakfast, sadly, although I read the recipe, my hand reached to the wrong side of the ready made pastry and bought short-crust insead of puff! Despite the pastry fiasco everyone enjoyed them, especially DH who secretly ate one after this photo was taken.

With this evidence we found him out!

What you don't know is that they are filled with chocolate - a substance DH cannot say no to.

Chocolate is left in the fridge at your peril.

It is Pentecost, so lots of card flames were made today at Sunday school.

Today was so nice it would have been a disgrace to stay indoors, so I took the ironing board outside and tackled the pile that had been staring me in the face all week.

There was abit of a breeze which made the job interesting as I battled with the fabric!

Sunday Lunch

I thought I'd do something different on the vegetable front and found this recipe in one of Jamie Oliver's books

I had to avoid the olives and anchovies as the children aren't keen, but I did everything else as per instructions

Here's the result

It made a boring vegetable much more interesting although views were mixed on the "Shall I do this again?" question, so I might make this for myself as a main meal

What bit was left was made into a pasta sauce.

I spent the rest of the day continuing to sew the design on the Boutis quilt, having already done the ironing I had the evening to sew, but still it's not ready to stuff!

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