Friday, 2 May 2008

Final Samples

Here are the final samples before I begin the Accessory, leaving me May and June to create design boards and the hat in time for the Summer School in July. I have astounded myself in how much I have done in the last 10 months bearing in mind how long it took for module 2!

I'm itching to get started on the next chapters but thought it best to clear up the bits and pieces before I do.

Sequin Sampler

The following is a sample of "Trapped Beads and Buttons". This had originally started as my bead sampler but then went big time spiral - see earlier post - I hate to waste anything and loath to waste time unpicking stuff so the top leaft hand corner of the sampler stayed and I developed the design from there.

Covering the beads and buttons with a shere fabric which I then sewed into

The completed Sampler

I really enjoyed making this, the resulting sampler isn't too good in the photo but looks good in real life! I would like to make another but use a calico so that the colour of the beads and buttons don't show through and only the shapes are important. I'll add it to the list!!!!
Daughter's on an INSET day so we're off shopping for spring/summer clothes. It's great being a school girl - since the two weeks holiday she's been on a four day week, what with teacher's strike, INSET day and next week a Bank Holiday. Never mind, there's the dreaded SATS coming up!!!!!

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