Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Day 39

Current jobs being done

  1. Creating the hat - toile done, fabrics sat on workbench like "The Elves and the Shoemaker" - sadly no Elves have appeared yet! - to be ready by 6th July
  2. Resolved Piece - this "appeared" on Monday within a hour of thinking of the design, this too is awaiting completion with it's third layer still at the pattern stage - to be ready by 6th July
  3. School Summer Fayre Programme - last one as Son leaves this school in July - Fayre is on 8th June
  4. Sign for Church notice board for Town Fayre this Sunday
  5. Boutis Quilt - ready by 16th June
  6. Denim Quilt ready by 16th June
  7. Large display for School notice board in the school hall as scenery for school play - being created today and tomorrow with some of the school children - design just finished!

It was my Daughter's birthday on Monday and we had a lovely family day, the celebrations continue with a lunch party with Auntie, Partner and their twins and Godmother and her two Sons once we have returned from School at 12noon

One of her Primary School friends (who is now at a different secondary school) is coming for a sleepover on Thursday and day out Friday and then her friends from her secondary school are having a day out on the 7th June.

So the list above will be fitted around being waitress, chef, taxi driver, designer, housekeeper , hostess etc, etc. I wouldn't be without my Children but I can see why great artists were men.

Slightly frustrated but Happy Mum now off to school!

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