Saturday, 10 May 2008


I am off this morning to pack boxes of household goods for the charity FURNISH. Each year our deanery of the Mothers' Union get together and pack around 100 boxes of bedding and kitchen goods for single people and families who have need. For example homeless people who have been found accomodation will be eligable for one of these boxes to start them off.

See you later...


Boxes waiting to be sealed

We've packed 97 boxes of bedding - single and double beds, towels, utencils and crockery. It would have been over 100, but we had to double up on some boxes - two lots of towel sets per box - as the charity didn't send enough boxes. All the duvets and pillows are new, as are the dishcloths and flannels - bought from money raised from a Maundy Thursday lunch, but we rely on donations of good quality second hand towels, bedding and kitchen goods. So we did well again this year.

Now that I've done something good, I'm off to do something for myself...

How decadent!

I had to eat it, you understand, as part of Module 3's spiral research!

I'm thinking hat designs, can you see where I'm going with this?

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