Friday, 16 May 2008

End of SATS, a trip to the Loft and a break through

Darling Son has been very patient and had a break from the PS2 for approx 3 months while practice SATS and revision have been going on. Today was the last SAT paper so I went to the loft to return the PS2 to it's "rightful place" - attached to the dining room tv!

Very happy boy, he's confident he has done well and I know he has worked hard so a well deserved treat.

I have been busy making my accessory for chapter 9 and 10, after a frought time catching an idea! On Tuesday I got the idea while completing a circuit at my Curves gym (where do you get your ideas?) after the owner told me a joke! - of all things to trigger a design! On arriving home I scribbled out different curved spirally drawings, but nothing really came. Later on I went to bed with this design swimming around my head but still it wouldn't come out. On Wednesday I took my design diary to my toddler group and kept trying to get the design out. It wasn't until the afternoon that I nailed it and created a basic paper touile of the 2D idea. Thursday I was able to make a fabric and vilene touile which I am happy with - it needs afew tweaks here and there but it is basically near to what I want to make as the finished piece. Once the final piece has been completed - hopefully very soon - I shall post the developement photos.

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