Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 45

Thursdays are supposed to be for Coursework, so I've swept the kitchen floor and pegged the washing out, chatted to a teacher regarding the scenery she would like me to do for the school play, which my son is in and opens while I am at the Summer school! Son and I are counting the days while I create and he rehearses.

So no more excuses - COURSEWORK...

This is the paper idea I had for the accessory I need to make, well actually this is the base - the accessory will be the buttons and tassel attached to the hat. The idea came from the punchline of a joke told to me once I had mentioned I was making a "fascinator"

"I have a donkey jacket it is great, it has nine buttons but I can only fascinate!"
This is the title for this piece, it has nine buttons of varing sizes and only eight will be fastened.

I made another toile in vilene and calio, but it was far to large - more hat then fascinator.

Did some resizing and here is the new toile

From the top
I am now creating the fabrics - fabric printing and embroidery and will use the toile as a pattern to make up the finished piece. The nine buttons will "move" down the spiral, eight will be fastened through button holes but the nineth will sit on the spiral and the "empty" button hole will bend down the side of the head into a spiral tail and the tail will end with a tassel.
Off now to do some more!


Daniela said...

I love your idea for a fascinator, I think its spiralling upward movement is brilliant and I'm sure it will develop and turn out very well. Thank you for your very clear explanations!
Sorry for you that you will miss your son's first show but Summer School is Summer School. I'm so looking forward to seeing you very soon, but I must say that your new countdown is starting to make me feel nervous again ...

Garnered Stitches said...

Don't worry Daniela, Son's show runs all week so I will be back in time to see him Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Vivien said...

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately I will not be attending the summer school - maybe I’ll make it one of these years. My Travel plans consist of a trip to Montana next week, for a family wedding and I’m combining that trip with a visit to an ill friend in Wyoming. After that I hope to settle down and really concentrate on coursework.

I love your spiral hat idea and will keep returning to your blog to see the progress.

Keep in touch,