Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's the Week-end!

The Boys are off to the final match of the season, so after today Saturdays will be a more family affair and DH will be collared to do a few DIY jobs around the house! I have him until August, when the Football Madness begins again. The season tickets have already been ordered - birthday presents for the July boys.

On our last girly week-end Daughter has arranged to go to the cinema with a girlfriend - Made of Honour - and I'll take them and head off to the library to get some serious C &G stuff out of the way. The artists appreciation bit in Chapter 13 is probably the worst bit of this coursework, but has to be done all the same, so it's heads down and get on with it.

I am also itching to get started on the Design an Accessory, so want to clear chapter 13 and have lots of fun to look forward to! Off to gather note book and pens - just like being at school again , off to the library on a Saturday to do my homework!

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