Sunday, 4 May 2008

One day my Football Hating Prince will come...

Having had the pond for four years now I like nothing more than to venture out at night with a torch to see what's lerking amid the vegetation, so it came to no surprise to find the resident frog taking the evening air. The thing that startled me was I found it sat on a lily pad! I thought this only happened in Fairy Story Illustrations (!) as I had never seen it for myself. Declined to give it a kiss as my Prince was indoors watching Match of the Day - then again if this frog didn't care much for football it might be a different matter! If he's there tonight I'll ask him!!!!

Hiding amongst the Iris stems were two other frogs, I wish they would go over to the flower bed and clear up the slugs that a bent on munching through the vegetation!

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Jennifer said...

I love this! I love your little froggy gentleman sitting on his lily pad, king (prince?) of the world! The kiss or not to kiss question is a difficult one -- or it would be for me. Now, just checking -- you say football and I'd say soccer, right? My own husband is an American football fan but I wouldn't mind watching some soccer on tv so I could pick up some pointers. My husband and I are our son's soccer team assistant coaches, but neither have ever played the game nor seen much outside a few World Cup matches (I can just see your men folks' eyes rolling now!).

It's fun to be back online and catching up; thanks for stopping by to see me!