Sunday, 20 April 2008

While you're in the hole, dig a little deeper...

So yesterday morning I went down to the local council offices, where the Council were selling composters and "Green Cones" at very cheap prices. Having read the leaflet earlier in the week we decided to go for a "Green Cone" as we don't do enough gardening to justify something that generates compost as we hardly use it. Well, occassionally I 'll have a burst of planting, but then crafting will take over again and the garden is left to it's own devises - Mother Nature seems to do a good job so why compete?

The "Green Cone" rots down ALL food waste and that includes meat and bones! And if installed correctly should not smell or attract vermin! So says the leaflet and the website.

By the way this is by no means an advertisement and as it has just been installed I cannot say whether it works or not!

So here we are this afternoon installing our "Green Cone". DH was instructed to dig a deep hole, and make it a little deeper...and a little deeper until the bits of the cone that are supposed to be underground were!

This is the hole having it's drainage checked

This is DH checking on the drainage!

How it arrived

How it looked once put together, with DH's Parents as the audience!

Putting it in the hole

Filling in the gaps


Putting in the first load

I have been putting in the organic waste throughout the week and sprinkling it with the "accellerator" as instructed. We decided not to put any meat waste in until we see that the plant waste is rotting down nicely. As only a week has gone by I can't say that how well it is working but I'll keep you all posted!

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