Monday, 14 April 2008

It's my Birthday and I'll...

Go to the Farm if I want to!

and here are two new arrivals who appeared this afternoon!
After present and card opening, we travelled to Bocketts Farm, near Leatherhead and spent a full day on pregnant ewe watch - well Daughter did and quickly informed us once a ewe went into labour! We saw a Ewe which was carrying twins give birth to her first lamb, but were busy watching the farm's first black lamb of the season being born and missed the second twin being delivered successfully. It's a wonderful spectacle to see and great for teaching the children about new life, although Son prefered to be in the Playground Barn on the wavy slide!

One of the highlights of the visit to the farm

has got to be the pig race

and they're off!

Lester Piglet, Grease Lightening, Delroy Trotter and Bullet Babe, to name a few, raced up the track to a big bowl of treats - Delroy Trotter won!

Not to feel out done this duck decided to show us his shepherding skills.

Now goining to put my feet up before the evening festivities begin...


English Rose said...

wishing you a belated happy birthday, alison, hope the rest of your day was as good as this earlier part.

Jennifer said...

Happy, happy birthday and many happy returns! Love the way you spent your day.