Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Family's Football Supporters are happy!

Three generations of Football supporters ventured out to Northampton Town today to return to the club where family folk lore says a fourth generation member once played. DH and Son took Grandpa to see the Mighty Cobblers win 2-0 against Oldham. Grandpa's team - Bolton Wanders won 1-0 and the other Football Supporter in our Family - West Ham also won, so Happy Families all round! Believe me when I say we know when they've all lost! And when West Ham play Bolton "it's merder"! (aka Hart to Hart!)

I, on the other hand, dislike football and tolerate it were necessary. So inbetween being mine host to my mother-in-law and Daughter, and cooking four course meals, I have been trying to create the images for the Wales Quilt which hopefully will be in the Challenge Quilt section of the Quilt Show in June.

Now who can tell me the rules as to the showing of quilts that are bound for quilt shows before the actual date of the show? If a quilt is posted on the blog, or shown at a show and tell, does that mean it's not allowed to be accepted? Please clarify as I would like you to follow the development of this Trapunto/Boudis quilt as it is made, but won't if it means I will be disqualified!

Here's a teaser - I'm off to gather images of daffodils and feathers...


JaneO said...

Alison, it is a good question about the quilt - I would assume it was ok unless the rules specifically said otherwise. Surely blogging doesn't count as exhibiting if that is the restriction? What do other people think?

Helen Conway said...

I think its fine. I've never seen any rules saying otherwise and I have seen several quilts at more than one show so they have clearly been shown before. Plus I showed my show quilts on my blog and no-one came and smacked my bottom. So.... pictures please!