Sunday, 27 April 2008

I'm toggled out!

So for once after cooking Sunday lunch I did what I planned to do! The Darlings were doing their own homework, DH was clearing up the kitchen, while clearing up a mess at work over the phone, AND I retreated to my workroom to complete the buttons and toggles.

I needed to make buttons made with cores. I used "Funky Foam" shapes and for the triangles I used foam board.

"Funky Foam" Shapes

Button One

Machine Stitchery to add interest to the fabric

Square and Rectangle Foam Shapes covered with the Machine Stitched Fabric

Square and Rectangle Buttons with embellishments of beads and ribbon

Button Two

Circular Foan Foams covered with Fabric Ink Pen Drawn Spirals

Circular Buttons with Fabric Embellishments

Button Three

Foam Board Cut into Triangles

Covered with Shop Bought Fabric

Wrapped with Threads and Embellished with Beads


I coloured a piece of Vilene with silk paints, probably not the correct thing to use but they coloured it and that was all I needed as the toggle shape was more important to me and all the colour had to do was be in the colour scheme! I added fabric and thread to some of them.

So there you have it, what I did this afternoon - I think the Button Chapter is well and truely put to bed.

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