Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fusing fabric the healthy way!

For sometime now I have been wanting to do something spiral using the techniques within this book. Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal

BUT before I begin I need to have a respirator/breathing apparatus device for Health and Safety purposes as the fabric will give off fumes. I will also need to be in a well ventilated room!


I've just nipped out to the local builder's equipment hire shop to buy this...

It's not pretty and I apologise for the hideous model, but if it keeps me safe I don't care what I look like! Off now to meet up with some girlfriends for a coffee at the local family run coffee shop.


Anne B said...

"Yoooooooooo were never lovelier" - so goes the old song.
You're very sensible. I love burning and melting but haven't been bothering with any protection. You've made me think again!

katinspace said...

Alison, I think it was a wise move not to wear the mask to the coffee shop. I'm sure all the capuccino froth would play havoc with your filters. Do you sound like Darth Vader while you are wearing it?