Sunday, 13 April 2008

Inspirational Blog - what little old me?

Katinspace has nominated me as an inspirational blog - well I'm rather overwhelmed as I didn't realise that my blithering amounted to much and you all visited to see how not to do it!

So I shall have a think and will nominated my 10 Inspirational blogs soon.

Thank-you so much for thinking about me. I loved the bit about "a great mix of 300 different art projects underway at anyone time". Yes, that's me and you were only able to count 300? I must have forgotten to mention the other 200 projects!!!


Daniela said...

Congratulations! Yes, that's the effect you make on people: your blog is a volcano of ideas and real life bits and we all enjoy reading it. Go on like this ...

Anne B said...

Anne here - I can always start e-mailing you you know to tell you to get a bloody move on. It works a treat with Kat in Space. What Kat doesn't tell you is that she gives as good as she gets! Regards from Anne Bravey