Sunday, 27 April 2008

Absent without Leave

It's been a bit of a week...the last post although started Sunday evening has only just been posted as I either can't get on the computer due to the other occupants of this house being on it, or visiting parents needing me everytime I sit down at the computer, or not having time to sit at the computer as I am finally returning the house back to normal as P-in-L have returned home.

I did however get some things done on the course work front!

I need to add to the button collection as I have bought the "Covered" button kits but hadn't used them. So I took some fabric that I had printed on and embroidered into it following the shapes of the printed pattern

Fabric with the circles drawn on showing the area I need to embroider

And here are the finished buttons I completed on Monday evening at the Quilting Groups AGM!

We had a Sewing B while the official business was going on. I did take some hand quilting to do as well!

I had some tassel ideas as well...

I hadn't made an example of tassels with embroidered heads, so I did...

And while I was making the Bead Sampler I remembered I had bought some large beeds to make some tassels with bead heads, so I made them as well...

I still have some more buttons and toggles to make to complete the chapter, so that's what I'll now be doing this afternoon.

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