Sunday, 20 January 2008

Work room, it's the lounge for me!

Well, I shall have to postpone the rearrangement of the workroom as DH has decamped to workroom/study and will probably not appear til bedtime. So it's sewing bead samplers for C & G coursework infront of this weeks "Kingdom".

It's a tough life!


threadcircles said...

Hi I met you at Urchfont last summer. I have just set up a blog so was looking at yours and had to laugh - love french men in pink too - didn't know you were a Quins supporter. I've taken every conceivable pasttime to rugby matches over the years as my husband used to play for Wasps. However being a fan is the best way to spend the time don't you think? My son Sam has just signed for the Quins academy and has just played his first 2 A league matches on the wing. We have had to change allegiance! Perhaps see you at the stoop.

Garnered Stitches said...

Hi, Threadcircles, Welcome to the world of Blog. Sorry to be a disappointment, but we are fans of the round ball with DH and Son having season tickets for Northampton Town. Well I say "WE" but daughter and I go to the few matches we get to under sufferance. My Son enjoys playing rugby at school and wanted to see a professional match and as The Quins are the nearest we chose them. I must confess there's a better class of player to look at on the green rectangle, or was I just spoiled by seeing the Pink wrapped French on my first visit? All in all the atmosphere and supporters were much nicer than some of the football grounds I have suffered over the years. DH suggested it would be something nice for Son and I to do on a Sunday afternoon. I don't think the oval ball appealed as much as the round one for him. Shame.
Looking forward to reading your blog, are you booked in for this years Summer School?

threadcircles said...

Yes I am booked into summer school. Sorry about the misunderstanding! Rugby has it's aesthetic benefits but the pink clad boys are special! I must get on with some embroidery now!!!