Monday, 28 January 2008

Coursework update

Sunday evening was spent sewing together felt circles, mainly with blanket stitch, onto co-ordinating fabric.

This evening I attended the first of many committee meetings for the Quilt Show to be held in June. As usual I have left with a job - well isn't having something to do all part of being a member of the committee in the first place? No point being there if you're not going to pull your weight! So I shall be co-ordinating the quilt enteries - no pressure there then!

Nothing done this evening on the creative front. Off to bed now and a couple of pages of "Northanger Abbey" which we are reading at the Book Club.

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Daniela said...

Very nice buttons, I love your choice of colours.
Thank you so much for your information about the Cuttlebug. I've just ordered one from an online shop in Germany and paid around 68 £ shipping included. I hope it was a fair deal ..